All leathers. One price.
The best value.Rolf Benz MIO leather promotion

All leathers. One price.
The best value.Rolf Benz MIO leather promotion

Living spaces.

Is there really only one world to live in? With Rolf Benz you can
discover so many other worlds. Always different, always surprising,
always individual, and always amazing.  With us, you will find your
own personal living space, so that you can live in perfect harmony
with the way you feel.

Inspired by half a century
of Rolf Benz.

The anniversary range Rolf Benz 50


A sofa you fall in love with instantly – the system range Rolf Benz CARA.

Collection 2015.

Sensuous beauty, cosiness, and individualized
flexibility: discover both the classics and
the innovations in our current collection.

Rolf Benz 50
Rolf Benz 973
Rolf Benz Co-Sinus 3

The latest.

Flagship Store New York
Made in Germany
Rolf Benz SCALA
Rolf Benz 620
Rolf Benz ONDA
Rolf Benz Contract: Allianz Arena Munich
Rolf Benz NOVA

Every one of us needs a space we can create for ourselves,
that gives us personal freedom. Every one of us needs a place
where we can keep our longings safe when we're not there.
This place is always in our thoughts, so we can
always come home again.


Rolf Benz World Nagold.

Just come and visit our redesigned exhibition in Nagold, and you will get a real feeling for the Rolf Benz World, far away from the stresses of everyday life. Make yourself comfortable, take a seat on one of our display models: snuggle down into the upholstery, breathe in the scent of the top-quality leather, and test the new functions and seat positions for yourself.

Follow your instincts. Enjoy the beauty and quality. Come to Nagold, and let us inspire you with our passion and love for furniture.