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Rolf Benz JARA.
In beauty lies strength.

Graceful in the evening, clear in the morning - the girl's name JARA, which translates as "spring", is rightly borne by this place of rest. Its graceful legs, fine decorative stitching and narrow frame lend it an exceptionally high-quality air that makes a sophisticated statement even in open-plan sleeping architectures. The front of the headrest upholstered with its high-quality Cacharel pleats and a central vertical wooden rail that continues at the back. Rolf Benz JARA thus attracts admiring glances from all angles and also works free-standing in the room. The choice of different solid wood finishes and a wide range of leather and fabric covers allow it to blend in beautifully with other items of furniture in the room.

Whilst it appeals to the eyes during the day, they close at night for a deep, restful sleep, which Rolf Benz JARA ensures by meeting customers' individual comfort requirements. The bed is available in 3 widths and 2 lengths, and its interior can also be adapted to your precise personal comfort requirements - either as a box spring bed or as a classic bed with a mattress and slatted frame, made of beech with an adjustable mid-zone area and shoulder comfort zone. A high-quality spring core mattress and a cold foam mattress can be selected, each with three firmness ratings and a 7-zone structure.
The filigree sideboard and lowboard and the Rolf Benz 914 bedside table underline the elegant lightness of Rolf Benz JARA.

Design: Labsdesign

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