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Rolf Benz ADDIT.
Transcending the linear.

The circular is combined with the angular and calm surfaces with lines. The result: rugs that look graphically dynamic, but also strikingly friendly. The Berlin-based designer duo Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger has, as part of the Rolf Benz ADDIT collection, created four tufted rugs that pay homage to the elegantly subtle patchwork principle of the sofa of the same name. Created with a look and mix of materials to accompany Rolf Benz ADDIT, they also have a modern, supremely pleasant, 12-mm-high presence even on their own. 2 to 3 colours from the Rolf Benz rug colours collection can be combined in each design. The rug is available in the colours 131-153 (Pure new wool) or 431-453 (Tencel).


Pure fleece wool is always the new wool shorn from a living animal and is therefore a sustainable raw material. The especially resilient natural fibres also impress with properties that make for an excellent rug. Fleece wool is dirt-repellent, elastic, sound-insulating and, unlike synthetic fibres, barely absorbs any odours. Rolf Benz rugs made from fleece wool therefore create a positive microclimate. They are ideal for every living space and match every style of furnishing. Rolf Benz rugs made from fleece wool are truly unique pieces. In these tufted rugs, the weft yarn is threaded by rug weavers into a support fabric by hand using a yarn gun. Choose your favourite rug from a variety of designs and a wealth of colours. All rugs are available in various standard sizes and also in customised sizes.

Design: Tina Bunyaprasit und Werner Aisslinger

The perfect fibre for Rolf Benz rugs.

Good for the environment: the TENCEL® lyocell fibre is of natural origin and is made from eucalyptus wood, which is grown in sustainably managed plantations. The production process uses only a fraction of the water needed for the production of chemical fibres.Good for your home: the natural fibres have an extremely smooth surface with a silky feel, are warm like fleece wool, cool like linen and are more absorbent than cotton.Until now, natural cellulose fibres could not be used for rugs since they were too fine and too short. The TENCEL® yarn used for these Rolf Benz rugs has a thicker diameter and longer fibres. Compared to synthetic fibres, the TENCEL® yarn absorbs and releases moisture efficiently, creating a balancing effect on the microclimate. The natural, impalpable fibre moisture prevents any electrostatic charging from building up.

The rugs in the ADDIT 7180 range are available in the following dimensions:
150 x 150 cm, 150 x 200 cm and 200 x 200 cm. Patterns are matched proportionally. For the ADDIT 4 pattern, we therefore recommend
only special sizes with an aspect ratio of 1:1 or 3:4

Colours as shown may differ to those on actual products. Please therefore view product samples in person at your stockist.

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