Rolf Benz OTTO.

Classic and yet different. Its graphic design makes Rolf Benz OTTO a modern all-rounder. Thanks to its low-lying loops, the rug has an exciting, three-dimensional structure that allows it to showcase its graphical line even in monochrome. In two colours, it creates an even more striking visual impression in the room. Rolf Benz OTTO gets its particularly luxurious finish from the high wool weight and its unique virtue of being made by hand: it is hand-tufted using pure fleece wool. 


Formats and pattern matching: All the rugs are available in various rectangular and in round format: 180 x 180 cm, 170 x 240 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 235 x 235 cm, 200 x 300 cm, 250 x 250 cm, 250 x 300 cm, 250 x 350 cm, Ø 200 cm, Ø 250 cm. Special sizes are possible.

Colours as shown may differ to those on actual products. Please therefore view product samples in person at your stockist.

Pile height: Velour base 18 mm, Loop design 14 mm
Individual specifications (special pile heights) available on request.
Measurement discrepancies: A tolerance of +/- 3% is within the acceptable range.

Face yarn: Pure new wool

Design: Bettina Hermann

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