Rolf Benz SOLCO.

Life pulsates in the most sumptuous hotel lobbies: it’s where people arrive, where people meet from all over the world, and it’s from here that they leave again. Rolf Benz rugs made from highly twined yarn provide the perfect footing for this busy, never calm, hectic life. The high-twist yarn gives the rugs a robust quality, makes them especially durable and creates an exceptionally comfortable surface to walk on. Another thing that rugs in public spaces should be: easy to care for and resiliently beautiful. All of these properties perfectly match those found in these Rolf Benz rugs.


Rolf Benz rugs made from highly twined yarn do not necessarily have to be used in public spaces. They are also perfect for your home, since it is here too that the high-quality workmanship of each technically intricate rug is really appreciated. The rugs are made by hand from pure fleece wool. The wool is naturally resilient and dirt-repellent, making the rugs especially long-lasting and ideal, for example, for dining areas.

A new order for living spaces.

Create accents, break areas up – with Rolf Benz SOLCO you can create living spaces just the way you want them. The subtle lines with alternating colour schemes in variants of beige-grey, grey-green, dark grey-blue and beige-red make this rug a truly special accessory for any home Setting.

Design: Bettina Hermann

Farbpalette für
Teppich Solco


Formats and pattern matching: All the rugs are available in various rectangular and in round format: 180 x 180 cm, 170 x 240 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 235 x 235 cm, 200 x 300 cm, 250 x 250 cm, 250 x 300 cm, 250 x 350 cm, Ø 200 cm, Ø 250 cm. Special sizes are possible.

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