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At Rolf Benz, sustainability isn't a trend we have latched onto, but a culture of regard and respect that we have been upholding ever since our company was founded. Over the years, increasingly significant ecological aspects have joined the material, design-led and social aspects of this culture. What’s so great about this is that all aspects harmonise perfectly and mutually benefit each other.

Why does sustainability work so well at Rolf Benz? It is based on our fundamental conviction that the products we manufacture should bring joy to their owners for many years to come. In turn, this means being committed to our production site in Germany. We prefer to invest our energy into quality assurance here in Germany than in transport costs for distant suppliers. This means that Rolf Benz, with our own upholstered frame factory, can produce consistently – since the process is fully integrated– in Nagold and the surrounding area. We can often source the most important materials for our sofas from our suppliers within a radius of under 100 km.

The German Association of Quality Furniture has awarded us its “Golden M” seal of approval, confirming that all Rolf Benz products meet stringent criteria in terms of quality, safety, health and environmental protection – and thus also achieve the best emissions class (A). We are also especially proud of the fact that our entire upholstered furniture collection has been certified with the “Blue Angel” mark for a “healthy living environment” and “environmentally-friendly production”.

For “Made in Germany”, we rely on experienced skilled workers who enjoy being part of our company, from their training right through to their retirement. The loyalty of extraordinarily skilled craftsmen is based on appreciation and excellent working conditions, as well as our commitment to an active and fair partnership as a company that is bound by a collective agreement. The talents and skills that are ensured in this way are also called for if a customer wants to have a favourite piece recovered, for example, and it is necessary to check whether the upholstered materials under the cover still meet our quality requirements. Or if scrappage is reduced to an absolute minimum in the fabric and leather cutting department by using the latest scanner technology.

Real sustainability also means doing your best for your customers even behind the scenes – and for us at Rolf Benz, that means high quality, long-lasting furniture that is designed and produced with a high proportion of renewable resources in line with our especially strict furniture standards.