Rolf Benz 914.
High society.

The elegant Rolf Benz 914 bedside furniture gives any combination that certain something. As an elegant bedside table, it combines a wooden body for the door and drawer (natural oak, stained black oak or American walnut) with a metal frame (Traffic Black, Umbra Grey or Metallic Ochre Beige) and a high-quality shelf made of natural stone (Carrara or Graphite Brown). Its unusual handle, also made of metal, becomes a characteristic feature in this customisable combination of materials. As a sideboard or lowboard, Rolf Benz 914 combines the drawers of the bedside table with a larger surface area.

Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm, height 49 cm; 124 x 51 cm, height 69 cm; 122 x 48 cm, height 48 cm

Design: labsdesign

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