Made in Germany
D-72202 Nagold

No, life is not that simple. You don’t know what you should believe any more. Religions? That’s history. Ideologies? I’ll pass. What endures? Quality! You can put your faith in that when you see a product with the „Made in Germany” label. After all, regardless of whether we are buying a car or sofa, blowing our noses into a paper tissue or snuggling with a teddy bear – if you see „Made in Germany”, you can be sure that the product is good, durable and high quality. Of course, somehow the product whispers to us inspiring confidence: „I come from a good company. You can’t go wrong with me”. The „Made in Germany” seal of quality stands for performance and tradition; for technical innovation and artistic creativity. This seal is now one of the crash barriers on the motorway of our consumer life.

However, the birth of this seal of quality was quite difficult. The three words „Made in Germany” were set loose upon the world by Great Britain 125 years ago in order to defame German goods. Still, „harm set, harm get...”, the opposite was soon the case: „Made in Germany” has been an internationally recognised attribute for decades now. It is more than just a simple reference to manufacturing origin. It also includes Goethe and Beckenbauer, poetry and football all mixed together. „Made in Germany” ensures reliability and inspires confidence. But there’s so much more to it than that. It is a commitment to value and not to the price of a product. 

Certainly the aura emanating from „Made in Germany” is not necessarily understood by consumers who only live for bargains and who revel in their miserliness.

For this, „Made in Germany” stands much more for the conduct of a company that deliberately still provides „German workmanship”. And to those whom this term is currently not trendy enough – well, it can easily be substituted with „high-class workmanship”. What’s certain is the fact that products „Made in Germany” are in demand and enjoy an excellent reputation in the global economy. After all, they are the guarantee for the high export ratio that has guided Germany magnificently through the crisis thus far. However, this doesn’t mean that we should turn down Swiss clocks and American smartphones. Only the best from each country: and it is simply so much better to drink a glass of Italian wine while sitting on a German sofa – rather than the other way around.